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Archives of news from 1999 and 2000

(Fresh news are available on the Blog)

Montreal Jazz Festival, Canada
July 2000

Remy Denecheau, our new presse correspondant of´s squatt in Amsterdam, checks out for us the Montreal Jazz festival this summer...


North Sea Jazz Festival, Den Haag, The Netherlands
14, 15, 16 July 2000

Ramon Valle: Friday, July 14, 2000


RAMON VALLE : Since Ramon Valle met Ernestina van de Noort
(Cuba´s dutch part) even before the Martial Solal Jazz Piano Concours in Paris,  October 1998, Ramon Valle tours with `Solo Piano´ and his
`Son para Tina´ para `matar el tema´ basically in Netherlands, Germany and Spain. Ramon Valle lives with Ernestina in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Ernestina van de Noort organizes as well the `Cuba Cafe´ Festival this summer
in Amsterdam (check out local agendas) and Tina had been the translator of the Film Festival from Cuba at the Melkweg.

For more information and concert booking in germany, contact Frank Vennewald (Berlin) :

For more information and concert booking in spain, contact Nelson Management (Madrid) :


ORISHAS A lo Cubano

Europe Concert Tour 2000

The Netherlands, Switzerland


Los Jovenes Clasicos Del Son (Havana, Cuba), traditionele dansmuziek; Afrekete (Havana), rumba als crossover tussen de Cubaanse son en de moderne dansritmes van Orishas  (Havana/Parijs), son met daaraan toegevoegd hiphop en rap. Oyé Listen DJ's en VJ's.

Read more at dutch afro-latin news:


15 July 2000 , Gurten-Festival, Bern, Switzerland, Schweiz

Orishas.Kubanischer Hip Hop aus Paris.

Die neue Generation der lateinamerikanischen Musik. Orishas hat es geschafft, traditionelle kubanische Musik mit zeitgenössischem Hip Hop zu vermengen, um daraus eine, in                       dieser Art noch nie dagewesene, explosive Ausdrucksform entstehen zu lassen.
Die Kombination von Hip Hop Beats mit Latino-Perkussion, von kräftigen Bläsersätzen mit
Platten-Gescratche, machen die vier Kubaner zu den vielversprechendsten Talenten ihrer Heimatinsel Cuba.

General News
End of 2000,
will open a new station in Brasil,
in Rio de Janeiro and Salvador de Bahia.

Massive promotion goes on for Hip Hop and Rap from Cuba and from Brasil...
alternative music from Angrrr! and Macario very soon, eastern european artists...
opened a brand new station in Amsterdam, The Netherlands,
For dutch / european artists please sent any promotion material via snail mail to:
NL - 1016 PA Amsterdam

Check live performing instore ( Dj´s, Hip Hop, Rap )on saturday afternoons at
Singel 10
1013 GA Amsterdam

Producer/Director Muhammida El Muhajir explores Hip Hop scene
in Cuba in her documentary Hip Hop & Global Pop Culture.
Contact: Sun in Leo Entertainment, New York

Music from Surinam , Aruba, Dutch Antilles ...coming next...
Contact Amsterdam radio reporter Mavis Klaverweide at:

Workshop & Concert Bayuba Cante
on Sunday 2nd of April 2000 at Crea and PARADISO, Amsterdam
This comming sunday, BIMAC world music productions organizes a workshop Afro-Cuban vocals and Dance;
Teachers Leoni Santander (vocals) and Martha Galarraga (dance) will present a program of Yoruba and Arara derived
singing and dancing....of Course accompanied by life Bata drumming.

Workshop starts at: 12:00 to 16:00. There is video and catering.
At night the workshop participants will give a little informal presentation in PARADISO
Concert at 4 pm La Vieja Trova Santiaguera

Bayuba Cante will perform a program before travelling to Cuba , with special guest Nils Fischer on percussion.
Contact Bartolo Pype , BIMAC worldmusic productions

Mimi la Sardine is a real cool concert venue in Montpellier, France



This act is yet unsigned !
Andrea Canta is touring spring 2000 in Spain and Mallorca.


Omar's second solo piano CD, entitled "Inside", is released in the U.S. on September 14, 1999 and in Europe on October 1, 1999.
Part three of Omar's "Roots Trilogy" ("Free Roots", "Spirit Of The Roots"), entitled "Thirsty Roots", will be released in 2000.
Omar's new CD "Bembon" was recorded and mixed in Quito, Ecuador during
the summer of 1999.  It features musical themes from the Esmeraldas
region of Ecuador, the Lucumi culture of Cuba, and from Afro - American
R&B and hip-hop forms.  For the first time, Omar uses a classical string
quartet to unite these elements.  "Bembon" features contributions from
Cuban percussion masters Orestes Vilato and Pancho Quinto, and from
Ecuador's Papa Roncon.  Also featured from Omar's core quintet are
drummer Elliot Kavee, bassist Geoff Brennan, saxophonist Sheldon Brown,
and the spoken word artistry of Will Power.

Omar will return to the San Francisco area in May to celebrate the
release of "Bembon" with three Record Release Parties:

Friday, May 19, 2000
Kuumbwa Jazz Center
Santa Cruz

Saturday, May 20, 2000
Great American Music Hall
San Francisco

Sunday, May 21, 2000
La Pena Cultural Center

Contact Omar's Manager and Producer Scott Price


AMENAZA finally came out on EMI under the name
ORISHAS , A Lo Cubano...


DAFNIS PRIETO on tour with Jane Bunnett and Hilario Duran

For more information, contact Maurice Hogue in Canada:
Cameltrain Productions


Musique Info Hebdo, Nr 85

  • CD La Culebra with AMENAZA
  • The recording of two members of AMENAZA finally came out on EMI under the name ORISHAS , A Lo Cubano...


AKOSH S. UNIT  Akosh Szelevenyi , born in Debrecen, Hongrie, 1966
Musicians : Philippe Foch, Bernard Malandain, Joe Doherty

On summer tour in Europe :

DIEGO PELAEZ (Venezuela)


BASTER (Reunion Island) 
Erick ASSANI - Management - La Réunion

Africa Tour 1999:




August 12  , Santa Monica, CA, Twilight Series at the Pier
August 19, 20 , Los Angeles, CA, Conga Room
August 21, 22 , Oakland, CA, Yoshis


MARACA Orlando Valle Y Otra Vision

  • US - Summer Tour 1999
    • AhiNama / Yambu Productions 
      Jessica Y. Hernandez, Maraca's US tour manager
      Dezica Productions
  • European - Summer Tour 1999
  • Austria, Spain, France
    • August 12, Jazz Festival, LA GRANDE MOTTE , France
      August 14, Festival ST FLORENT, Corsica/Corse
    • October 16, Festival ' Fiesta des sud',  MARSEILLE
      October 19, JVC Jazz Festival ,Paris, France
      October 22, Jazz Festival,  PERPIGNAN
      October 24, Jazz Festival  ' Au fil de l'Oise'

FELIPE CABRERA : Felipe Cabrera finished his recording in Havana together with pianist Roberto Fonseca at the Silivio Rodriguez ` Abdala ` Studio for his record `made in animas´.
Felipe is as well on tour with Orland Poleo in Europe.

On tour with Jeff Gardner (Piano) and Julio Barreto (Drums) for the promotion of the album `Noches Habaneras´.

Roberto Fonseca



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